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What is an Angel Group? | Angel Investing for Beginners

An angel investment network is a platform or organization that facilitates connections between angel investors and entrepreneurs seeking funding. It serves as a networking and matchmaking hub, bringing together individuals or groups interested in providing capital (angel investors) with early-stage companies or startups in need of funding. Angel investment networks often offer resources, support, and guidance to both investors and entrepreneurs, helping to streamline the investment process and maximize the chances of success for all parties involved. Angel investors typically invest anywhere from $15,000-$500,000.

Legacy Angel Network is a member based group of angel investors that seeks to develop and fund companies together. Our objective is to offer our members and portfolio companies valuable professional connections that foster growth, along with education and investment opportunities. What makes Legacy unique amongst other investment groups is our intro-to-exit involvement process. We don't simply fund startups. The Legacy team, network members, and LAN affiliates are directly involved in the development of our portfolio companies throughout the entire business lifecycle. Ongoing involvement with our portfolio companies helps de-risk member investments, leading to better ROI's and a higher percentage of positive exits.

Ready to make your mark in the world of Investing? Join us at Legacy Angel Network! Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur ( ) or a passionate investor ( ) we've got a spot for you!

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