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Investing in Industries You're Not Familiar With | Angel Investing for Beginners

The angel stage of investment represents a higher-risk phase that occurs in the very early stages before institutional investors become involved. At this point, startups are still finding their footing, which inevitably leads to certain gaps or uncertainties in their development. Legacy seeks to understand what aspects the entrepreneurs have under control, what areas they are currently working on, and what specific assistance they may require. We offer support by identifying potential connections, offering mentorship, and strategizing on how to overcome the various challenges and hurdles they encounter during this critical phase of growth. As the company grows it progresses into successive stages of funding, where funding amounts increase and the companies are more mature. Ultimately, this advancement culminates in a liquidation event, offering a fruitful outcome for our investors.

Ready to make your mark in the world of Investing? Join us at Legacy Angel Network! Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur ( ) or a passionate investor ( ) we've got a spot for you!

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