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Angel Investing for Beginners

Angel investing requires courage, as it involves substantial risks. Therefore, only allocated funds to this type of investing that you are prepared to lose without impacting your financial stability. Witnessing the company’s progress as it reaches its milestones and attains success is undeniably a gratifying and fulfilling experience. [[New to Legacy]] Our shared mission is to grow a community based platform enabling investors to easily fund & develop companies together. What makes Legacy unique amongst other investment groups is our intro-to-exit involvement process. We don't simply fund startups. The Legacy team, network members, and Legacy affiliates are directly involved in the development of our portfolio companies throughout the entire business lifecycle. Ongoing involvement with our portfolio companies helps de-risk member investments, leading to better ROI's and a higher percentage of positive exits. Legacy and the investment opportunities within our network achieve their greatest potential when members actively participate and engage in the following areas: - Stay connected and updated with events hosted by Legacy on the app - Investment of Portfolio companies - Participate in the vetting of potential companies - Mentor local startups

Ready to make your mark in the world of Investing? Join us at Legacy Angel Network! Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur ( ) or a passionate investor ( ) we've got a spot for you!

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