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A community-based platform enabling investors to easily fund & develop companies together.

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Become a member and get curated deal flow that we find, vet, and develop for success.

Legacy Portfolio Companies

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Our Process

Every company that applies for funding with Legacy is extensively vetted, ensuring that only the most promising investment opportunities are presented to our members.


Legacy’s comprehensive network and strategic processes assist companies in all phases of their growth journey. Our 360-degree startup support program optimizes company development, helping founders reach their goals while maximizing potential investment returns for our members.

When considering investment opportunities, all Legacy members have full access to company data, allowing them to conduct their own thorough due diligence. This level of access enables our members to make well-informed investment decisions. 

Our Venue

Legacy operates out of a private members lounge in the heart of downtown Melbourne.  As a member, The Venture lounge, conference room, and full bar are your spaces to share.

Community Focused Investing

It's Not Hard to Love Brevard.

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Listen to Venture Lounge

After hour conversations with founders and investors, and all the real raw start up stories you won't find on their company website.